portrait of Master Finisher, Robert Coale

Robert Minturn Coale

In thirty-five years of painting, I have discovered a variety of creative solutions to the problems typically found in structural renovation. A creative finish often achieves the desired effect at a fraction of the cost.

I use powdered pigments to customize color on location, and apply multiple layers of glazes to achieve the color and effects in matching existing finishes such as wood, stone, metal, etc.

Over the years I have cultivated a list of discerning clients by fulfilling a wide range of decorative needs.

To view my Online Portfolio, click on the numbered pages above.

Mahogany Graining

This mahogany grain was painted onto the cabinets.

AltImage: Mahogany Graining


Detailed natural stone patterns.

Faux Mahogany and Iron Bar

Mahogany and Iron surfaces are painted on.

Trompe l'Oeil Bamboo

Any pattern/surface can be painted on.

Call (203) 415-2744 or email masterfinisher@aol.com today!

1. Matching Barn Beams, New Haven Library Panelling
2. Antique Iron, Whitewash Brick, Driftwood, Rotunda Stair
3. Grained Bar, Trompe L'Oeil Door, matched wood tables
4. Graining: Doors, Mahogany Bar, Switch Plates,
Wall panels
5. Graining: kitchen cabinets (Westport),
Bath Vanity (Woodbridge)
6. Antiquing: Distressed Wood, Antiqued Paint, Faux Tin Ceiling
7. Gold Leaf: theatre, faux pewter medallion
8. Gold leaf: swans, Darian pinstriping, gold chandelier, picture frame, sconce
9. Granite Threshold, Granite newell post, VA Hospital West Haven: black serpentine marble entrance
10. Stone Decor: stone, limestone walls, marble mantel, marble sink base
11. Specialty finishes: wall wash, faux marble, tortoise, granite counter, bamboo window grate
12. Preservation: violins, cellos
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